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PostPosted: 08 Aug 2017 03:09 

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I am working on an LCD project that originally had the LCD pins connected to PIC port D. We've changed and moved the LCD to port A since only six pins are used (RS, E, D4-D7). Since making the change I cannot get the LCD to work which I think has to do with the TIMER0 function although not certain. I've disabled the A/D. Below is a snippet of the code:

// LCD connections
  LCD_RS : sbit  at RA0_bit;
  LCD_EN : sbit  at RA1_bit;
  LCD_D4 : sbit  at RA2_bit;
  LCD_D5 : sbit  at RA3_bit;
  LCD_D6 : sbit  at RA4_bit;
  LCD_D7 : sbit  at RA5_bit;

  LCD_RS_Direction : sbit at TRISA0_bit;
  LCD_EN_Direction : sbit at TRISA1_bit;
  LCD_D4_Direction : sbit at TRISA2_bit;
  LCD_D5_Direction : sbit at TRISA3_bit;
  LCD_D6_Direction : sbit at TRISA4_bit;
  LCD_D7_Direction : sbit at TRISA5_bit;
// End LCD Connections

  TRISA := %00000000;
  ADCON1 := %00000110;
  TMR0 := 1;

Am I correct it is a timer0 issue? We should be able to move the LCD to port B if that would work. How can I resolve this?


PostPosted: 08 Aug 2017 23:21 

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I don't use mE's LCD library so I can offer little help with it, but I don't think Timer0 has anything in common with it. (Naturally, enabling Timer0 interrupts without servicing them could disrupt any code :) ).

I have only one suggestion - do not modify TRISA after initializing Lcd_Init(), and a remark - RA4 pin has open-drain output, so one has to add a pull-up resistor to use it as standard output (it'd be better to use this pin as one of the control lines).

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